Saturday, April 12, 2008


We can do miracles but only if we have all the parts. This is all that made it to us and we don't have our cloning/matter fabrication/chaos engine set up yet. If your wooden instrument should suffer a break, gather up all the pieces, even the small shards. It makes a difference.

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mike20 said...

I remember maybe 8, 9 years ago I brought my '68 Les Paul to you with the headstock in similar condition... totally separated from the body. Although in my case I had both pieces. It was actually the 6th time the headstock had snapped off - previous repairs hadn't done the trick. Well, I didn't see my guitar for close to 6 moths, but when I got it back, it had the most beautiful, seamless repair imaginable. 9 years later it's still good as new.

I taped the repair bill to the back of the headstock. Now when someone asks if they can play my guitar, I say, "Sure, but you see this? This is what the last guy who fucked up had to pay."

As an added bonus, when I got the guitar back, your guitar tech opened the case and said to me, "Now this... is a beautiful guitar. I'm jealous." Considering the guitars that must pass through that place, high praise indeed. Be-bop-a-lu-la, she's my baby.