Friday, July 18, 2008

A conundrum

This instrument, according to the owner, doesn't play or stay in tune. To "play" in tune is different than to "stay" in tune, and requires a different fix. If the instrument isn't staying in tune after being tuned up we recommend stretching out the strings, keeping the winds around the posts to two or three maximum and having us set-up the guitar (which includes modifying the slots in the nut). If the guitar doesn't play in tune then it's an intonation issue, also usually taken care of with a set-up which includes adjusting the saddle(s). In the case of the guitar in these photographs, the position of the bridge studs (top) is incorrect. Earlier attempts to modify bridge are clearly visible. In the second photograph (bottom) the zero fret is in the wrong place, relative to the rest of the frets. This instrument requires that the bridge be moved, the zero fret also must be moved and only then will a set-up be worthwhile. Otherwise, it will never play in tune. You might as well hang this guitar on the wall to "hide the nasty stain that's lying there"*.

* - 10CC - I'm Not In Love

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