Wednesday, September 3, 2008

a syncretism of space & time!

We've mentioned before that it's a small shop but have we mentioned the often eye-opening amount of fecund psychic energy contributing to our seemingly random happenstance and synchronicity? This is only an everyday occurrence. If a name comes up it's usually because the person belonging to it is close by.

A perfect storm of Les Pauls, all picked up at the same exact moment: an action adjustment, a fretmill and a refret. Their Moms know them as: (L-R) Mark, Brian, and David.

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monkoustic said...

i just bought a guitar that you did the refret and setup on, so i checked out your blog. my new favorite. seeing people do good work simply makes my life better. i hope to meet you when next i'm in SF.

ric hordinski