Friday, October 24, 2008

nice to meet you, too...

Here a chance meeting between two different aesthetics finds Billy (L) and Luke swapping knowledge and experience over a pile of used pickups. A meter is close at hand to test for DC resistance and also whether or not they work. We don't have uber-valuable vintage stuff in those boxes but we manage to keep a large assortment of serviceable single-coil, hum-canceling and bass pickups for all budgets.

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paf_pickup said...

Bonjour Al Y'All!!!

well well welllll
I find myself sitting in a hotel room in Amsterdam, looking at the blog, and wadayaknow? I find my ugly mug on your web site.

Man alive.

I have never felt sooo thrilled with your shop since I helped move in that Teutonic fret polishing/dressing machine so many years ago.

As for the pickups being discussed in the photo, 1 has been put to good use (a gift to a friend, a major Satriani fan). It was a ***hand-written-label*** FRED model. (that's gotta count for somthing, in freak collector land...)
The others eagerly await being put to good use.

Luc (as opposed to Luke). Errare Humanum Est