Friday, July 9, 2010

That pesky falling out Tele Jack, The magic Stewart MacDonald tool.

The kit
The Tool
The Prep
The Install
Bracket in place ready for jack and outer cup.
Modern Replacement

Possibly the worst guitar jack plate idea in guitar construction. The Vintage Telecaster jack is held in place by a bent steel plate with a hole in the center for the jack in it. It is jammed in place by it's 4 corners. The jack goes on the inside and the cup goes on the outside with a nut holding it all in place. When the wedged metal plate comes loose so does the jack. Those fine folks at StewMac have come up with a wonderful tool that collapses the loose plate and then holds the plate in the correct position while compressing it back into place. It is the best way I have seen to re-do an original installation. There are some alternatives like a flat square or football jackplate or even the new inset one the screws in from the outside you see here in the photo.

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MQM said...

Ever see the great photo in Dan Erelwine's book where somebody made a replacement surface-mount plate out of an old Fender amp rectangular logo plate? Beautiful.