Friday, September 24, 2010

Those Pesky Rattling Tune-o-Matic Screws and Saddles

There are a few ways to attack the problem of the rattling saddles.  Fitting a spring down on the intonation screw, dripping wax in there, locktite, bending the hold down spring, washers, shims, and more.  This idea came from a friend who happens to be a dentist (thank you CC).  He gave me orthodontist wire but I have also used a strand from multi-strand wire or thin buss-wire.  The idea is to tie the intonation screw to the spring that keeps them from falling out.  This keeps them both rattle free.  You can always pack the old standard away and buy a newfangled solid bridge.  I will show some of them coming up.

Loop the wire around the screw and behind the spring
Pull the wires down over the spring and back under the screw
Twist the wires together and cut


Pappy said...

Genius! I usually just give up and get a bar bridge!

James said...