Friday, January 25, 2008

Welcome to Gary Brawer's Guitar Repair Online Journal

This is the Gary Brawer Stringed Instrument Repair shop online journal about (wait for it): guitar repair! Here you'll find posts about the daily workings of our 23-year old shop on Lafayette St., in the South of Market area of San Francisco, California.  This shop does everything from restringing your guitar (why would you want to pay us to do this?) to set-ups to electronic work (both simple & complex) to refrets, all the way up to complete restorations on vintage instruments.

We work on electric and acoustic guitars and basses. We don't work on orchestral instruments or ukuleles or banjos or mountain dulcimers or get the picture.

This shop is also a warranty station for almost every major (and many of the minor) guitar manufacturers. There's decades of experience here and we can likely find a solution to anything that may ail your guitar.

Give us a call or stop by, contact info is on our lovely little web site:

Gary & the crew


stevemaller said...

Oh fine...I'll just take my mountain dulcimer collection somewhere else! :-)

Welcome to the blogosphere, dude.

Liz said...

Brawer Stringed (Non-Dulcimer) Instrument Repair...FUCK YEAH! That was the most bithin'est awesomest first blog entry I ever have seen. Congratulations!

Signed, your completely unbiased girlfriend

DucGuy said...

saw your blog surfing around killing time and googling old friends names.

Hope you are well.


CTP said...

But I just bought a baritone ukulele that I need a pickup installed in....dang, I guess I'll just do it myself. ;->