Wednesday, January 30, 2008

we're early adopters

Back when the Plek machine was first introduced, it seemed like an idea that was almost too good to be true. A device that could mill frets in one quarter of the time it took to do it by hand with 100 times the accuracy as well as the option to make adjustments based on thousandths of an inch. After almost 3000 passes on this machine it's clear that it works very, very well. Of course it has to be operated by someone who knows what they're doing. The picture above shows Gary and the device. Ask anyone who's had this work done on their guitar.  Or you can visit their website:


bausin said...


How much does a fret job with the Plex cost (ES-175)?


Gary Brawer Guitar Repair said...

Hi Steve, thanks for your us or call for quotes...all the contact info is on our rudimentary web site: Thanks!